Why Needlepoint?

In our day of fast Internet communication, needlepoint may seem like a relic of a gentler, bygone time. But, in fact, it is as relevent now as it has been for centuries.

It gives us an ability to record what is important to and what gives us pleasure in a visual manner that will last. Needlepoint is sturdy stuff that stands up to the test of time.

The soul yearns for beauty and color, and to see creative magic dance before us. All of us have the ability to create magic with our hands through needlepoint. It can be experienced on all levels from simple to complex.

Added to this is the bonus of needlepoint's therapeutic dimension. The soothing rhythm of needlepoint relieves stress and stimulates meditation. Many people comment on how much better they feel after only 15 minutes of stitching.

To both heal ourselves and create beauty through needlepoint does, indeed, have a timeless appeal.