Barbara and Her Dogs

Barbara Russell has been creating and offering for sale needlepoint designs with an American flavor for over 44 years. She is amazed that she is now one of the ancients in the field.

The public generally associates dog portaits with her line, and with over 150 dog designs, it is indisputably a major focus. But the line branches in other directions: exotic birds, a youth collection, the Bowman Hill Wildflowers Preserve collection, a jazz series, and historic and religious designs translated into needlepoint, to mention a few.

This website includes all of the designs in the line (over 400), and lists all of the dogs alphabetically for ease in finding your special dog friend.

Below are a few pics of Barbara with her companions, Jiggs (1999-2010), Maggie, and new pup Fiona—The Dandie Dinmont Terriers.

Barbara and her Dogs